Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your facilities outdoors or indoors?
All our facilities in Dubai and Al Ain are both outdoors but shaded.

2. What kind of lessons do you offer?
We offer lessons in wall climbing only.

3. Do you have any age restrictions?
We teach climbing from 4 years old onwards.

4. Can I pay per lesson?
Yes, we have the DUO-Belay course where you pay each AED 120 for 1.5 hour session
Private lessons: yes.

5. I want to join lessons. What should I do?
– Fill in online enquiry form at
– Our instructor Ivan will call you back within 24 hours to schedule the lesson.
– At the day of the 1st lesson, come to the designated location. This can be Dubai or Al Ain. For exact locations, use our location map
– Fill in the registration form complete with signature and valid phone number & email address.
– Arrange the payment.
– Ready to start!
– For climbing you need to book in advance.

6. Can I reach the instructor directly?
Yes, all e-mail addresses are on our website

7. Can I pay by card or cheque?
We accept payments by credit/debit card and cash but no cheques.

General information

1. Is Dorell Sports open throughout the summer?
Yes, Dorell Sports is open 12 months per year. Our climbing facilities will have adjusted operating hours, and open in the late afternoon in July and August. Tennis and Swimming stop in July and August. These sports will continue in September.

2. Do you have special packages for Birthdays or Businesses?
Yes, we have a birthday package, which can be adjusted to your needs. Also we have a special corporate rates for team building events at our climbing walls. Check

3. Can we use all facilities of ‘The Club’ when we purchase services from Dorell Sports?
For an additional fee of 25 AED per day you can use all facilities ‘The Club’ has to offer, incl. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Gym, Sauna and showers. The payment has to be done at the reception desk next to ‘The Wall’

4. Can we park the car anywhere in the parking area?
We have a 2hour free parking ticket as courtesy of DWTC management. After 2 hours you pay of drive out the parking and drive back in….(secret)

5.Do you have boulder facilities at ‘The Wall’?

6.Do you have gift vouchers?
Yes we can prepare gift vouchers to your liking and amount.

7.What are the opening hours?
For each city we have slightly different opening hours. Check the website for the opening hours of Al Ain. The hours you can reach our head office in Dubai;

Sunday till Saturday – 2:00 PM till 10:00 PM
Friday is Outdoor Tours day so book in advance with Ivan or Ronald.

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